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General Notes
Stevenswood LOVES sharing the bounty of the Mendocino Coast to visitors from all over the world! 

We live in one of the best places on earth and are all grateful that YOU; our customer, make that possible! 

To share the beauty that nature offers on the stunning Mendocino Coast with as many people as possible, the management made a decision back in the economic downturn on 2009 that they'd rather be 100% full at 1/2 price versus 50% full at full price. 

In order to sustain these deeply discounted offerings - when neighboring inns are charging guests two to three times what you paid for your package - it MUST be super efficient. 

This process works for two reasons. 

1) The entirely self-serve, INFORMATION RICH, booking process that get's very close to eliminating miscommunication, excess staffing, needless back and forth and missed expectations and 

2) Great customers like you, who will hopefully love the property and book a return at full price or near full price next time. In order to have inventory available for these (and you hopefully next time) bookings we can't offer EVERY room at these rates you paid for your package. Some rooms have to be available for those full rate or near full rate bookings when they happen. For these reasons, your package carries limitations, upgrade options or room restrictions on category. 

We hope you understand both perspectives and plan to have an incredible time in Mendocino! 

Special Hints:

To book 2 NIGHTS on the special web form calendar, first check that your intended room, dates and category is showing availability then on the next page of the booking process, you will change the CHECK OUT date by advancing the date on the field (using the drop down menu/line on the form). 

What to do if you can't find a room that's available for TWO CONSECUTIVE nights that works for your travel plans? If there is a different room available on the calendar for your nights, you can make two separate reservations on the web form using the same credentials. Just be certain to explain what you're doing in the notes/comments section of each form. If you're doing it only because nothing else will work, we will waive the $ 100.00 room change fee, but if you are splitting up your stay to come for two one night stays on your two night voucher, or you want to book two qualifying rooms for one night each instead, there will be a $ 100.00 exception fee added to your total charges. 

A CREDIT CARD will be required. Don't worry, as long as you enter accurate and valid prepaid voucher credentials you won't get charged again for it. Your card will be used for SECURITY purposes, taxes, upgrades, etc. 

Our restaurant may close during slow periods without notice and is generally closed on Sundays & Wednesdays. The "Dinner Credit" (if applicable) is a courtesy coupon e-credit to be applied toward dinner for two, with a minimum pre-tax, pre-discount, pre-tip FOOD total of at least $ 75 to receive full credit. On nights when the restaurant is closed no credit can be used. 

If your package includes special add-on features such as a bottle of wine, champagne toast, breakfast, spa services, etc please be sure to know what your package includes. In order for onsite staff to concentrate on your comfort and safety they do not keep track of package features at the property level. If you are expecting something just ASK any staff member. 

Please ignore the digits in brackets on the calendar booking site (ie: [1.7], [3.3] etc) they are for internal tracking/placeholder purposes only. 

We recommend concentrating FIRST on dates that work for you, and not to get too carried away in room descriptions, as long as the description of the minimum room features as listed on the calendar works for you, and/or you are electing the quoted optional upgrade fees (if applicable). 

For UPGRADES, you are paying MORE for the ability to book dates when other categories may be sold out, you're not paying for the view as much as the additional inventory/date options. The ocean views are ALL Distant/Partial and not necessarily worth the difference in room rate you may elect to pay in the upgrade, so you're paying more for the added availability (more inventory) and added flexibility provided. By offering upgrade options at a premium Stevenswood provides more choices for you in booking, based on simple supply & demand. 

Please note that there is no cash drawer on the property so please bring your own change if you desire to tip in cash (not required, you can sign ANY (optional!) tips or charges to your room). 

The hot tubs are on eco-friendly timers so check the schedule for predicted temperatures at preset times throughout the day to select the time and temperature you prefer. The private hot tub can be reserved at no charge, at the welcome desk (in person only). 

The Welcome Desk closes early on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings (6:00 PM), so please plan accordingly. 

Breakfast is a simple buffet style continental breakfast at chef's discretion. 

Wifi and off-street self-parking are complimentary. 

If you are prebooking/prepaying for the $ 299 special Couple's Massage, as a reminder, the $ 25 per person (if applicable) "Spa Credit" can NOT be applied to this rate additionally since it is already a discounted special offer. 


All rates, upgrades, fee and charges are plus applicable taxes, recovery fees, assessments, facility charges, CFC, VLF, Energy Surcharges, district fees, visitor service charges, etc. ROOM TYPES 

Different marketing channels offer room inventory under different descriptors. We suggest not getting too caught up in room types or descriptions. Rooms eligible for your package are identified on the calendar, which are mostly placeholders setup by the revenue manager. We suggest not trying to correlate calendar room listings with other channels, main stevenswood web site or other inventory listings - instead, concentrate on dates that work for your travel needs and determine if you desire an upgrade from the eligible room type. You can count on your room assignment (made by the revenue manager sometimes as least as the day of arrival), being at the very least what described on the room name on the calendar. Prepaid voucher bookings are not able to discriminate on certain rooms or classifications, so choose the "included" characterization as the room type you are eligible to reserve (as indicated), if you do not desire to upgrade. 

Please bear in mind, prepaid vouchers do not include the option to define your room reservation any more defined that the line of description used on the calendar, but if you have special needs, certain requests or notations, these are sometimes taking into consideration when room assignments are made and should be included in the special notes/comments section of your online booking form. 

Note that there are different bands of rooms, some identified as "included" with certain vouchers, other are "additional" for certain vouchers, as quoted. Upgrades are quoted per night and are different then "exception fees" which are additional for things like staying on a weekend with a mid-week voucher, redeeming a voucher BEFORE it's valid booking date, staying on a holiday, additional persons, expired value dates, etc. 

Is your promotional value expired? We've setup some discounted extension options as follows: For stays booked (in qualifying rooms, Sun to Thurs) The discounted value extension fees are: UP TO ONE YEAR EXTENSION OF VALUE/PROMO: For Stays: November 1 to May 1 : $ 50 per night May 2 to October 31 : $ 100 per night All other conditions, upgrade charges, restrictions and taxes still apply. (Friday or Saturday nights are double the above figures) For each year beyond add the same per night charges above, per year. 

PLEASE REMEMBER; Stevenswood is a small Family Owned rural BED & BREAKFAST, not a hotel.

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