Friday, February 24, 2012

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Congratulations on grabbing this INCREDIBLE DEAL.  
We have setup this custom landing page just for you!

PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION VERY CAREFULLY, then scroll down to see the calendar.
Choose a room with your dates available from the calendar below.

Research and Book Your Stay as soon as you have some travel dates in mind.
What sometimes happens is we humans tend to procrastinate and this can result in inventory shortages at the two ends of the valid through dates.

We VERY CAREFULLY project usage, redemption, travel periods and upgrades to offer the most number of people this incredible deal without creating annoying shortages. But, this goes out the window if you sit on your special voucher until the end and then 62 of you try to book the same weekend. Book early to avoid this frustration.


We know we all love to read nasty online reviews (about us? no way!) Even though it might not be as entertaining as someone slamming us on Yelp, we beg you to read through the information we have taken the time to put here. In fact, it ironically might just help improve those reviews.

One of the ways we can afford to offer SUCH an incredible PRE-PAID PACKAGE is by making YOU do some of the work. That means the booking process is Self-Serve.

Think Ikea, Costco, and your local gas station.

Please take the time to read through this information, we know it's a lot to go through, but we promise that everything you need to know is

We've found that our guest satisfaction levels increase exponentially when our customers take the time to review the information we provide, so do us both the favor of paying particular attention to the following:

Our website is not super smart (sorry webby). Truth is, we have cobbled together a bunch of different systems, booking engines and services to provide this self-serve booking option, which permits us to offer such INCREDIBLE and deeply discounted deals. Although the systems are not super-bright, our revenue manager is! So, just because the website "let's" you book something doesn't mean our revenue manager won't charge you for it, pursuant to the conditions of your pre-paid credentials.
This means if you bought a ONE NIGHT certificate, and you book two, the website will let you, but we'll charge you for the 2nd night (at a discount :). It also means if you book a room type, number of nights, or holiday black out period that your credentials don't cover, there can be "accommodation fees" added to your charges. Here's a list of these more common charges:

  • Upgrade Charges to a more Expensive Room (specifically listed on the calendar)
  • Accommodation Fees to Make an Exception to your pre-paid voucher
  • Value expiration extensions
  • Holiday/Blackout Dates
  • Add-on Nights (quoted on calendar)
  • Combining Certificates
  • Cancellation & Change Fees
  • Additional Person, Children & Pet Fees

UPGRADES: When you book your stay, you are asked for the 1st & 2nd choice of room type. This is because our calendar system is kind of dumb (see above). So it's not exactly REAL TIME, and when hundreds of reservations are being booked, sometimes your first choice is not actually available, in which case your second choice will be booked (if it's available). If a paid upgrade is absolutely unacceptable, please do not make either choice a paid upgrade when you select them.

You can make your 1st & 2nd choice the same category if you wish. Just know that if neither choice is available, we will reject the booking and email you to start the process all over.

You can add-on as many additional discounted nights paid to us directly, as you desire. Just make your reservation here for the total number of nights you wish to stay. The add-on nights will be billed to your account automatically.

HOWEVER, you CAN NOT combine multiples of the SAME certificate or other discounts, promotions, packages, trade certificates or coupons.

This means, if you bought two vouchers and try to redeem them on the same stay (a stay is defined as any 30 day period), by any of the following:

  • Consecutive Nights
  • Same Household/Family
  • Same Travel Party

An accommodation fee of $ 100 to $ 200 will be applied to your charges.

Again, you will have no problem tricking the dumb computer, but please don't try to pull a fast one on us. We have seen it all. People have booked one night in their name and the 2nd night in their husband's name, their friend, neighbor and even one used their dog's name. (This resulted also in a Pet Fee:)

REMEMBER; the bookings and associated charges are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Changes can sometimes be accommodated, but rarely and they are expensive.
Do not BOOK IT if you are not really ready to commit.

Once you book your reservation, we will charge the card your furnish during this booking process for ALL of the following:

  • All Applicable Taxes (NO, these were not paid for by your voucher)
  • Additional Persons (more than 2 people) (0-13 yrs $ 25 each, 13-108 yrs $ 50 each, over 108 years old = Free)
  • Pets ($ 25 per pet, per Stay (not per night, when booked with your reservation) 
  • {Some special vouchers include pet fees, refer to your credentials for details}
  • Additional Nights
  • Elected (optional) Room Upgrades (as identified on the calendar)
  • Accommodation Fees (see above)
  • That's It! No Resort Fees, No Eco-Fees, No Parking or WiFi Fees!

NOTE: Any stay that includes a Friday or Saturday night carries a TWO NIGHT MINIMUM.

OK, Almost done!

Here are some important points we think you should know:

1) These bookings, once made are Pre-Paid & 100% NON-REFUNDABLE.
2) Changes are strongly discouraged and expensive.
3) Our Restaurant is CLOSED on Wednesday evenings, so any associated credits can not be used for dinner on Wednesdays. These are not transferable or substitutable.
4) You will receive a confirmation EMAIL as soon as we can get it to you. DO NOT rebook or make other plans while you wait for this confirmation. HUNDREDS of people will be redeeming in the first few days and that brilliant revenue manager we mentioned earlier is only human. Please be patient. You can email us to: for an update at any time. In almost every booking, your confirmation will arrive between 1 and 72 hours after submission.

SPA SERVICES: Don't forget, your package may include a SPA CREDIT towards spa treatments at the onsite Indigo Eco|Spa so plan to set aside some time to enjoy some spa sessions. Sign your spa treatments to your room folio for proper credit.  Please remember to tip on the full value.

Chose from dozens of body, face and skin treatments all conveniently provided right in the main lodge.

DINNER CREDIT: For proper credit of any applicable discount on dinner for two, please be certain to SIGN your dinner charges to your room folio during your stay and not pay for dinner directly at the table in cash or credit card. For this reason, you must be a registered guest for the night you are utilizing the dinner credit. The credit can not be applied to alcohol, tax or tips, and please remember to tip on the full amount. Restaurant is closed on Wednesday evenings.

ROOM TYPES: Your package is valid for certain, eligible rooms, with upgrade options outlined on the availability calendar at the rates quoted. Note that it is generally more important to search by dates as the priority and not focus too much on room type since we do a pretty good job keeping most of the eligible rooms equitable and besides that, our revenue manager reserves the right to assign the specific room on the eve of your arrival, since you are actually reserving a general room type and classification, and like any hotel, not a specific actual room.

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