Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rooms at Stevenswood

All of our rooms are nice. But, we aren't a Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton.

Some guests get pretty caught up in what exact room they are shopping for, and we've found that for best results, guests shouldn't get too tied up in the exact room they are getting.

We keep the rooms as similar as possible and you should know that you aren't necessarily booking a SPECIFIC room, only a general class and our yield management person makes the actual room assignments sometimes on the day of checkin.

Every room features a memory-foam sleep system, a separate seating area, wood-burning fireplace, pleasant views, and a modest TV with telephone, a CD Player/Clock radio, with MP3 hookup, and a private full bath.

The rooms range in size from around 300 sq ft to up to 500 sq ft.

Online specials often feature the base room with upgrade options (subject to availability), selected and paid for (at a discount) upon booking.

When booking, concentrate on dates of stay more than the type of room, for best results.
When you make your booking to redeem your prepaid voucher, you'll be able to make certain notations, such as if you prefer an upstairs room, or want a downstairs room, or need a pet friendly room, ADA room, a quieter room, or one with better views, etc.

The reservationist processing your final room assignement offline will review these notes and take them into consideration when making the final room assignment, if possible.

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