Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sorry you are experiencing trouble 
redeeming your recent Groupon purchase!

Although hundreds of quick Grouponers have grabbed reservations, there just simply isn't enough inventory available over the dates people are interested in staying.

Due to the overwhelming number of Groupons sold for the 1-Night option, we are having trouble keeping up with demand for travel dates.... The original plan called for a maximum of 100 units, but somehow over 500 were sold! Since our customers are the most important thing to us, we are offering the following as a special gesture of appreciation and to allow you time to still take advantage of this incredible Groupon, however, you can still return the Groupon for a refund (see below) if you've decided to do so.

We hope you'll take advantage of the incredible FREE EXTENSION we are offering here:


We are waiving ALL extension fees for the ONE NIGHT ($69 only) Groupon holders who have not yet booked/redeemed their Groupon, under the following conditions:

Must be booked for stays between October 18th, 2012 & May 31st, 2012

All other terms, conditions and dates would still apply, and this can not be applied to existing reservations.

You'll book on the same calendar, just select new dates where more rooms are available, between the dates of Oct. 18, 2012 and May 31st, 2013. The extension fee waiver is being automatically applied.

Here is the link again to the calendar page:   CALENDAR PAGE

There are other options here as well:
  • 1st : REMEMBER!! Groupon offers a satisfaction guarantee, and we are relying on this mechanism in the case of anyone who just simply can't make the available dates work for them. We're sad to see you go, but we understand if you need to...simply contact Groupon at  and ask them for your refund.
  • 2nd: If you're the SPONTANEOUS TYPE, you can take advantage of this special "LAST SECOND GRAB", here's how. Check the same calendar for ANY ROOM for the SAME DAY or NEXT DAY and no matter what category the room is we'll WAIVE THE UPGRADE FEES 100%. The main consideration is this has to be a last-second booking (made on the day before or day of your check in date, and put "Last Second Booking" in the comments section when you book online), but with some flexibility and a little perseverance, you can grab a room that's worth hundreds for only the price you paid for the one-night ($69) Groupon!  (+ tax).
  • 3rd: To open up MORE INVENTORY, we've temporarily REDUCED UPGRADE FEES by 50% Starting with any ONE NIGHT ($ 69) Groupon bookings made on July 10th or after, we are charging only ONE HALF of the upgrade fees quoted on the calendar (here) when you mention it in the comments section / notes.
  • 4th:  If you prefer you can make a LAST MINUTE BOOKING - which are heavily discounted. THERE IS NO EXPIRATION DATE using this option! Normally, you would not be able to combine promotions, but there is an exception being made under the following conditions, for the ONE NIGHT Groupon holders.  1) The Last Minute Special rate would be as quoted, LESS the "face-value" of your One-Night Groupon (ie: If the room and dates you selected on the Last Minute Special was $ 125.00 and the amount paid for your Groupon was $ 69, your net rate would be just the $ 56.00 difference (+ tax) 2) You need to book it on the following link and mention this in the details of your online booking, including your Groupon credentials. Just check the link (inventory changes daily, so you may need to check it several times over a few months to find your deal. Here's that link:  
  • 5th: You can convert your Groupon to a Gift Card and spend it just like cash at the resort. There is no charge to covert your Groupon amount paid into a gift card, or multiple gift cards you can give out and use just like cash at the resort on any type of booking, online reservations, any incidentals, spa services, meals, wines, retail, etc. To exercise this option, simply order the gift cards you desire (a credit card is required for security purposes), chose the denominations that most closely match your totals and be sure to mention in the notes the Groupon(s) you are converting and their prices, numbers & details             .

  • 6th: We can put you on the wait list for any dates you desire, in case a room becomes available, under the conditions you desire. To exercise this option, send an email with your Groupon details, the choice of room (ie: included at no extra charge only, etc) and your dates of interest (up to 10), in descending order of preference to:    Be sure to include all the best phone numbers so we can reach you quickly if one opens up.

We're working on a number of other possible options, so stay tuned. These include possible partnerships for added inventory nearby, Groupon exchanges and more so check back to this page for updates.


All options are subject to change without notice and are being offered for a limited time.

Guest Services: 800-574-4899
Promotions Team: 800-455-5253
Groupon Support Desk:  888-820-4324 

AfterHours/Urgent: 615-991-9023
Reservations Call Center: 888-958-0556


Groupon FAQs:


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