Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome to Stevenswood!

If you are the holder of a PREPAID voucher you've come to the right place. 

Here, we'll guide you though the steps to redeem your credentials and book your stay. 

Some important points to remember are: 

  • Bookings made using prepaid credentials are non-changeable so make sure you are good with your travel plans

  • Vouchers sold for $ 500 or less do not include telephone support. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON YOUR VOUCHER TO REDEEM. If you don't see the steps on your credentials, please send a blank email to: 

  • Vouchers sold for MORE than $ 500 include Concierge Level booking support. Please send an email to:    Be sure to indicate you have a concierge level booking request and your dates of interest, in the email.

  • Be sure to check your SPAM FOLDER if you don't see the auto reply in a few minutes. 


Note: If you are having trouble finding a date that works for you in a non-upgrade room, please contact us by email to:
Be sure to include your contact information, phone and email, voucher brand and serial number, dates of interest and any special conditions, requests or needs you may have.
We'll email you back some suggestions to help.

Here are the TOP 10 Support Issues:

1) BOOK (redeem) your PREPAID voucher for a stay.   

2) Request (duplicate) Reservation Confirmation visit:  
or by email, send an email request to:    
We will send you your email confirmation ASAP.

3) Request for possible date changes.   Visit: 

4) Add a pet or person to your stay.   Visit

5) Question a charge on your credit card or request a duplicate bill:   Visit

6) Notify the lodge about a possible item left behind.  Email details to:

7) Weather, Aiport Information & Driving Directions. Click here:

8) Hiking Trails and Maps:     Click here:

9) Spa Reservations:    Click here:

10) Direct Line to Front Desk:   Dial 1-707-220-8520
(very limited availability, please follow prompts on voice response system)

Here are some FAQs:

Q: You're in the hospitality business! You're not the DMV!  
Why can't I talk to someone LIVE on the phone to book my coupon?

A: We're adopting a shift of change in the small boutique inns of the world. We're getting away from the grossly inefficient, cost ineffective model of telephone interaction. We'd need at least one additional FULL TIME person dedicated to the phone if we took every phone call live and helped every caller over the phone.
The truth is, as shoppers, we're used to this in many industries. When was the last time you called a Starbucks?  Did you call the gas station last time you got gas? Are you accustomed to calling Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline?  (If so, you might be a little masochistic) It's not fun, and they might just handle the grossly inefficient interactions by sending your call to some overseas call center usually equipped to give you empty apologies and hopeless voicemail prompts, but not typically great at addressing your service need. Our staff instead are dedicated to addressing our onsite guests, making sure that their safety and comfort are the only focus while your with us. Truth is, you're saving some serious bucks with the prepaid voucher deal, and by eliminating some of the needless telephone calls back and forth we're able to pass this savings on to you. When we've asked customer's if it'd be worth it to pay an extra $ 25 for the ability to speak with a live person on every reservation, over 90% of our guests agree it's not, especially when the vast majority of inquiries are already addressed in the online information. What's more - we are available to you via EMAIL:   get's a copy to every member of our staff within seconds. If you have a special need, desire a return call (be sure to tell us the numbers to call and times to reach you), just EMAIL US!

Q: What if I can't arrive between 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM (6:00 PM for best results)?

A: We know how travel plans can be disrupted. We understand you can't always make it between these times. We ask you to NOT ARRIVE prior to 2:00 PM any day, since frankly we're not ready to greet you or even unlock the doors. After 3:00 PM and before 6:00 PM is the best time since we are most equipped to handle special requests, make dinner reservations, print maps, etc.

Q: Are you pet friendly?


Q: Are my kids welcome?

A: YES! We like to say well-behaved kids are more than welcome at Stevenswood!

Q: Is Breakfast included?

A: YES! A light continental breakfast bar is open every morning, starting at 8:30 AM and is complimentary to all guests. In addition, coffee, teas, chilled lemon water, hot cocoa, spiced apple cider (seasonally), are all available with our compliments in the Stevenswood Lobby Lounge, 24/7.

Q: Is there internet/Wifi?

A: YES! And it's free.

Q:  Do you charge for Parking? Fitness Room? Hot Tubs?

A: Never.

Is there a "Resort Fee", Eco-fee, energy surcharge or other "hidden charges"?

A: Never.

Q: Is there a spa onsite?

A: YES! A nice full-service spa! Click here:

Q: I don't understand. If you're a hotel, how can you operate this way?

A: We're not a hotel. 

Q: Ok, but how can you operate this way?

A: We talk about it a little more here.

Q: I'm still not feeling the love, where can I get a little more of the sarcastic wit?

A: Right here:

Q; Are your hot tubs working?

A: Our hot tubs operate with a 99% uptime. We know how frustrating it is to have an expectation of something like using the hot tubs, only to find them out of service when you arrive. For this reason, we work VERY VERY HARD at keeping them clean and hot for you!  However, over the last 9 years, we have replaced the main core hot water system (made by Pentair Corp) SEVEN TIMES! (and counting). Each time we have to wait for the new heater (due to the already mostly new one failing) and this results in a 1-5 day period of no hot tubs! We feel TERRIBLE when this happens and can promise you there are few things we loose sleep over more than this event. When it happens, we will do everything we can to make it up to you, including giving you some extra spa pampering, setting up the neat little 2-person infrared sauna, throwing in a bottle of champagne, and even PAYING for you to use the hot tubs at a nearby competitor, all to try to make things right! In fact, if you decide to give us another try in the future, tell us before you leave and we'll add a FREE NIGHT to your future stay as our way of saying sorry and thanks!

Q: I bought a "comeback coupon" or "returning voucher clone" deal that was offered on my last stay, but I don't know how to redeem it.

A: Simply, it's a 'clone' of the exact same package you were staying under when you bought the new one, so it's booked in the exact same way. To make it easy, we include these instructions in your receipt/folio copy email that is sent after you check out. Look in your email for it, and if you can't find it, request a copy here:   Your "voucher code" is the same as your previous stay confirmation, just put the letters POS in front of it to tell us you bought the return stay while you were with us last.

Q: Is your restaurant open?

A: Right now, it's not open for dinner service due largely to our present water shortage from the historically severe drought we're experiencing. Feel free to inquire when you're onsite for the latest information and do a little rain dance for us when you have the chance.

Q: I've heard you don't always give people the perks or freebies as part of their package. How can I make sure you do?

A: Ask.

Q: I would like to have a glass of wine, or some apple juice and I don't see anyone at the wine bar, or in the kitchen, but I don't know how to get something like this. Can you tell me what I should do so that I can get some cookies?

A: Ask. (If they're macadamia nut, better plan on sharing)

Q: Are there any places that deliver, like maybe a pizza or chinese food?

A: Yes, there are hundreds of thousands, just no one where we are. 

Q: Is it true my cell phone won't work at your lodge.

A: No, it should work just fine, as a paper-weight or wifi device, but don't expect cell service. There isn't any. We wish there was, and we promise, we're not blocking the signals on purpose. We miss having cell service and wish we had it, but you won't get signal no matter who your carrier is. 
(Unless you use a sat phone, in which case - cool!)

Q: I have a Tesla and need to plug in while I'm there, can I do that?

A: Yes, but we charge you. The cost is allowing Nelson to drive the car for 15 minutes.

Q: I have a private plane, will you come pick me up at Little River Airport?

A: Yes, but we charge you. The cost is allowing Nelson to fly the plane for 15 minutes.

Q: I'm allergic to cats and heard you have one there. Is that true?

A: Yes, but Marco is mostly an outdoor cat and he typically doesn't bug people who don't want to be bothered. If your allergies are severe just let us know when you come and go and we'll make sure he's not around. If you let us know, we'll try extra hard to minimize any impact to you while you're with us, just let us know. Email works best:

Q: I'm allergic to dogs and have to have a room where no dog has ever stayed, ever. Can you promise me that?

A: No. No one can. In the US, service animals, majority of whom are dogs, are welcome anywhere. Anyone who tells you an elevator, airplane seat, theatre seat or hotel room is 100% dog free forever is mistaken or just finished building it. However, if you let us know, we'll try extra hard to minimize any impact to you while you're with us, just let us know. Email works best:

Q: I'm vegan, can you help me?

A: Yes, eat a hot dog. OK, seriously, yes, we can accommodate special dietary considerations, such as vegan, vegetarian or other special needs. Mendocino attracts a diverse cross section of variety and we respect and appreciate them all! Just let us know in advance. Typically, we'll offer (on request and with advance notice) a milk alternative such as soy or almond milk with a gluten free cereal option for breakfast. We usually stock yogurt, some hot protein selections, pastries and more to accommodate almost any particular need.  Email us in advance of any special considerations and we'll do what we can to accommodate you:

Q: I've read reviews about people having a cold shower, will I have that problem?

A: We don't think so. We've rebuilt our entire hot water system for EVERY ROOM and replaced our recirculating hot water pumps, spent tens of thousands recently to ensure that every room has an endless supply of well regulated, both hot & cold water.  HOWEVER, if you notice ANYTHING wrong during your stay, PLEASE touch "0" on your in room phone to let us know. Sometimes it's something very simple and you can be back to enjoying a hot shower within seconds.

Q: Speaking of water, I've heard you're out of water, will that impact me while I'm a guest of the hotel.

A: Not really. The only thing you'll notice is that we place a small reminder note card in the bathroom asking you to help us conserve since we are on private wells and our area is experiencing severe drought conditions. We work hard to ensure that you, as our guest, are in no way impacted by our water shortages, including having water trucked in at great expense. Please conserve, as you might at home, but enjoy your time at Stevenswood without worrying about the water.


  1. I would like to book my stay at Stevenswood Resort but this website doesn't allow you to as it states above you can book but there is nothing to click on to continue and actually book the stay. Is there a phone # to book the stay?

  2. Thank you for the post! Sorry you got confused....

    Please just follow the instructions on your Groupon (presuming this is your voucher?), it should say something like:

    How To Use This

    1. Pull up Groupon with our mobile app (or print it out).

    2. Send a blank email to: for the instant auto reply & booking link (check your spam folder).

    3. Pick your desired dates.

    4. Present Groupon and credit card upon arrival.

    5. Enjoy!

    Please visit here: for more details.

    You can read more here: --->>>>>

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