Monday, February 11, 2013

YAY!!! You made it.

You've been given this web address by our 3rd party call center, our after-hours/overflow answering service, or our 3rd party credit card based reservations service.

As if you couldn't tell, we're not big on phones. In fact, we like to exclusively concentrate on YOU our valued guests, but WHILE you are HERE at Stevenswood. Before and after, not so much.

Truth is, as you may or may not know, Stevenswood is a teeny-tiny place with just a few guest rooms, but plenty of work.

It takes tons of man hours (and woman hours) to keep our place in tip-top shape, and to take care of our incredible customers while you are visiting.

Our onsite staff is dedicated to our guest's total satisfaction, safety and care. We put all our resources into making sure you have an incredible stay! Our staff is busy serving breakfast, making beds and tending to the hot tubs, so we don't generally get to the phones everytime they ring.

In comes technology!

The good news is, we have put a ton of stuff online and into automated systems to increase our guest's satisfaction. Here's a list of the more common requests, and the way to handle them for best results.

Here are the TOP 10 Topics:

1) BOOK (redeem) your PREPAID voucher for a stay.   

2) Request (duplicate) Reservation Confirmation (by email).  Send an email request to:    We will send you your email confirmation ASAP.

3) Request for possible date changes.   Visit: 

4) Add a pet or person to your stay.   Visit

5) Question a charge on your credit card or request a duplicate bill:   Visit

6) Notify the lodge about a possible item left behind.  Email details to:

7) Weather, Aiport Information & Driving Directions. Click here:

8) Dinner Reservations:     Click here:

9) Spa Reservations:    Click here:

10) Direct Line to Front Desk:   Dial 1-707-220-8520
(very limited availability, please follow prompts on voice response system)

If you don't see your topic above, please send a detailed email to:

Thank you so much for being our guest!

Stevenswood Lodge - Mendocino

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